Online Bookings

Please Note

A $40-$80 deposit is taken depending on the services you book.

You have 24 hours to reschedule or cancel. Anything under 24 hours from the time of your booking is non refundable.

When booking online you must make sure you know exactly what are are booking for so the right time as been set aside for you. If unsure please call us on 0499 097 985.

After booking a colour service, if you are not having a haircut or blowdry please make sure you still book in a ‘Dry Off’ with any stylist. It allows us time to wash and check colour.

Always book your colour then your cut in that order. We colour all clients before cutting.

When booking a Behave Keratin please make sure you book a blowdry after.

We have a 7 day policy. If you need any changes made you have 7 days to let us know after your service.

If you have used SunIn hair lightener we cannot do any lightening to your hair.

Naomi – owner/ head stylist
Leah – manager/ top stylist
Baillee – top stylist
Liv – top stylist
Skhye – apprentice

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